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06/12/2006 - 3:41 a.m. | my blood's turned to dirt, girl, you broke every part of me

Does it bother you guys sometimes when I whistle along with a song? Like, I know I can whistle OK, but I sometimes imagine when I am doing it that it really bothers you, that you are really all like, "God! What a fucking show-off! Does he really have to demonstrate he knows the middle guitar solo, too!" I am not trying to impress anybody. Really. I just like music so much that I kind of want to be creating it all the time, and unfortunately whistling is the best I can do in any circumstance. But I just feel like it must be bugging the fuck out of you when I'm doing it, and you must think I'm so snobby and pretentious. And then there is this weird struggle to, you know, either stop doing it, because I think you are annoyed, or continue doing it, because I know I am being stupid and shouldn't worry about it, because who is that judgmental besides me, Nate Walsh? These are the things I think about all the time.

I won't be soothed,